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New Sticker Pack: Tattoos!

We’re always adding new sticker packs to Pixlr Express, and today we added a brand-new set of stickers: tattoos. This is the fifth set of stickers added in the last month or so; we’ll keep adding more.

These new stickers take the place of the very fun and successful Illamasqua expansion pack, which today ends its limited time run. We’ve had a great time seeing what people made with the Alex Box designed Illamasqua stickers. If you were one of the folks who tweeted your #illamasquarade creations in the past few weeks — thank you! Everyone at Pixlr got a huge kick out of the things you made. 

What’s next on the sticker front? Check back with this blog or follow us on Twitter to be updated whenever we add new stuff. Or, show us what you create with these new stickers via Twitter or our Pixlr on Flickr group. We choose a Pic of the Day every day and promote it here and on our Facebook pages. We’d love to add some quality tattoo-riddled images into the mix.  

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