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The Pixlr Halloweeks Photo Challenge: Because Halloween Deserves a Whole Month

Today we’re launching a brand-new contest for everyone who uses Pixlr apps: The Halloweeks Photo Challenge. It’s a casual contest that’s incredibly easy to enter and that has a bunch of interesting prizes — including the just-released and completely unique Sony QX10 wireless camera lens. 


We’ll be giving away a new prize every week in October, culminating in our grand prize — plus 3 special creativity prizes to put your artwork on beautiful, big canvases courtesy of CanvasPop. All you have to do is share a photo that screams out Halloween on Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr with the hashtag #halloweeks. You can follow our weekly prompts or just share anything you think embodies the spirit of Halloween — a haunted-looking house, a creatively carved pumpkin, a particularly awesome zombie costume from last year. Anything and everything “Halloween” will be considered for a prize.

As you undoubtedly know, Pixlr apps have tons of effects, overlays, and stickers that can be used to make a very convincing and atmospheric Halloween image. You’ve got grunge effects, bloody stains, skulls, radioactive overlays, and all manner of vintage filters you can use to take an everyday image and make it creepy, cool, or ghostly. If you can make something Edgar Allen Poe would approve of, you’re on the right track. So, get to it. Creep us out — or just make us feel the mood of Halloween.

How to enter

We’ve made the #halloweeks photo contest very easy to enter:

  1. Take a photo and edit it using Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, or Pixlr-o-matic.
  2. Share your creation on popular social media sites with the hashtag #halloweeks. We’ll be scouring the Internet looking for entries with this hashtag on these platforms: Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr.
  3. Check halloweeks.com to see if your entry has been chosen as a finalist. Every day we will choose the best photos we see with the hashtag #halloweeks and re-post them to halloweeks.com. If your photo appears on halloweeks.com, you are in the running for a prize.

What you can win

  • Win a weekly prize: Prizes will be awarded each week in October based on the theme for that particular week. Check halloweeks.com or this blog for the current week’s theme.
  • We’ll give away the Sony QX10 lens at the end of October to the best overall Halloween pic. You can submit your best overall pic anytime during the month of October — or even on the night of Halloween. Everyone who enters will be eligible for the grand prize. 
  • Best use of Pixlr apps = special creativity prizes: We’ll award three gift certificates from CanvasPop for a 24”x30” print to the three images that we think most creatively use Pixlr apps and their effects to illustrate the general theme of Halloween. 

Ready to enter? Visit halloweeks.com to see the current entries and find out more. Hit us up on Twitter for special recognition or encouragement. We’re dying to see what you create!

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