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Week 2 Halloweeks Contest Winners: Madmark NinetyNine & MrsKBad

We have two winners this week in the Pixlr Halloweeks Photo Challenge!


Joby GorillaPod winner Madmark NinetyNine

Many thanks to Madmark NinetyNine for sharing his photo of a scary devil riding a scooter. It really has an old feel to it, he did a great job adding effects, and the demon in question really does scare us. He looks like a Victorian-era demon — with a really sweet Vespa. Great job all the way around, Madmark!

Madmark, who joins the contest from Essex in the U.K., wins the Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand. If you’ve never tried one of these things out, GorillaPods are amazing tripod-like devices that help you take better photos no matter where you are. You just just wrap this thing around a tree or pole or whatever and you’ve got an instant tripod. The GripTight version is custom-made for smartphones — a great thing to throw in your bag when you’re out and about taking photos.


CanvasPop custom canvas winner MrsKBad

Our other prize this week is the prize for creativity. The special creativity prize awards people for using Pixlr effects in unique or novel ways. We loved how MrsKBad took one of the recently added Marks stickers — the “Poison” skull sticker — and stuck it right where the moon should be on this spooky, cloudy night sky. MrsKBad, sending out photos from Cincinnati, Ohio, had a few other nice entries like this one of a devilish cherub statue that also uses some particular Pixlr Express effects in a new way, but we particularly like the skull as moon photo. Made us do a double take.


MrsKBad wins one of our special creativity prizes: a CanvasPop custom-made canvas with the photo of her choice. We’re huge fans of CanvasPop, who have generously provided three of these big canvases as prizes for the Halloweeks Photo Contest. If you’ve never heard of them before, their service is a wonderful way to take your photos and turn them into hang-able wall art. We’re giving away two more of these 24” x 36” canvas prizes for the next two weeks, so we highly encourage you to enter a photo that really uses Pixlr apps in a novel or unique way.

We’ll post about that theme more tomorrow with additional prize information, but if you want to get a jump-start on this week’s entries, this week’s theme is “Halloween Decor.” Just tag your photos #halloweeks on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Tumblr. Read all about it on our contest site.

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