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Week 3 Theme for Halloweeks Photo Challenge: “Halloween Decor”


Did you know we’re running a big contest throughout the month of October? It’s our Halloweeks Photo Challenge

Every photo you enter in the Halloweeks contest gets you in the running for the Grand Prize of the Sony QX10, but each week we give out one or two prizes that follow the theme of the week. This week’s theme is “Halloween Decor” — photos of creative pumpkins, big bowls of candy, orange-and-black streamers, or a half-buried skeleton in the lawn. Anything that sets the mood for Halloween. It can be creepy, it can be scary, or it can just be a beautiful representation of Halloween seen through the lens of the smaller, more incidental stuff you see at this time of the year. Not sure what to photograph? Just run with a pumpkin pic and show us a really awesome pumpkin, for gourd’s sake.

This past week, we gave out two really great prizes. This week, we’re giving out two more. The person who shares the best photo based on our theme will get an Olloclip 3-IN-ONE lens system for the iPhone. It has a macro, fish-eye, and wide-angle lens that you can use to take some pretty interesting photos.

The second prize is for creativity with Pixlr — show us what you can do with Pixlr apps to enhance your Halloween photos. This prize will get a very special 24” x 36” custom canvas from our friends at CanvasPop. It’s a $179 value, and it’s a wonderful way to take a photo you love (or a bunch in a collage) and print it on a high-quality canvas. We’ve tried them out ourselves, and we’re incredibly impressed by the quality of their canvases. We’re thrilled to be offering this special creativity prize, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do.

Enter as many times as you like

Simply share your photos with the hashtag #halloweeks. We’ll be scouring the Internet looking for entries with this hashtag on these platforms: Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr. Watch halloweeks.com to see if your entry has been chosen as a finalist. If your photo appears there, you’re in the running for a prize. Need more info? Go check it out!

Even better, if you’re not chosen as a winner this week, you’re still eligible for the grand prize: the Sony QX10.

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