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Make It with Pixlr: A Book for Guitar Makers


People make all kinds of things with Pixlr, and we stumbled on a new one this week: a book for guitar makers.

The author of the book, Brian Forbes, is a seasoned guitar maker who has put all his knowledge into Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs. What caught our eye was his recommendation in the book that people use Pixlr Editor as a free tool for creating a custom soundhole label to add a finishing touch to a handmade guitar.

The soundhole label is the certificate pasted inside the body of a guitar that tells you who made it, where it was created, and when. And sometimes more. It’s both the birth certificate and certificate of authenticity for an instrument. Most of them are simple labels — black and white for the most part — but some have eye-catching illustrations and lustrous old patinas that seem to only get prettier with age.

We don’t have any guitar-making skills, but just for fun we made a guitar soundhole template (.pxd file) for our imaginary guitar-marking shop here at Pier 9, Flotsam & Jetsom. 


Then, we gave it an old patina using Pixlr Express. Why not!


What are you making that’s different with Pixlr? Point us to your creations on Twitter @pixlr. We’d love to spotlight how you use our apps.

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