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Week 4 Halloweeks Contest Theme: “Halloween Faces”


Have you entered our Halloweeks Photo Contest? We’re giving away a Grand Prize — the Sony QX10 — at the end of the month, but each week we give out prizes that follow a theme we set for the week. This week’s theme is “Halloween Faces.” It can be creepy or cute, scary or scare-free — anything that works as a Halloween face, whether it’s a mask, a costume, or just a pumpkin with a ridiculously creative carved expression.

We’ll post the winners of Week 3 tomorrow, but we wanted to get you started on Week 4 with the theme for the week. Entering is super easy. Tag your photos #halloweeks on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or Tumblr. Read all about it on our Halloweeks.com contest site.

Prizes for Week 4: mCAMLITE and CanvasPop custom canvas

This week we’ll be giving away two prizes. First, an mCAMLITE iPhone system. This unique aluminum-body case comes with special lenses and plenty of camera mount options for you to take some serious photos with your iPhone. The second prize is a custom canvas from CanvasPop, which will let you turn a photo of your choice into a work of art to hang on your wall. Both of these are generously provided by our sponsors, and we can’t wait to give them out.