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Week 4 Halloweeks Contest Winners: JesiMariko and Migor 1332

We have two more winners this week in the Pixlr Halloweeks Photo Challenge! Each week we’ve been giving out prizes, and this week had some of the best prizes of the competition.

mCAMLITE winner JesiMariko

The theme this week was “Halloween Faces,” and we absolutely loved JesiMariko's photo submitted via Instagram. Fit the theme perfectly. This face has some very beautiful eyes. Nice face! But that's just the beginning. She added overlays and filters — and even some stickers from the new Halloween pack in Pixlr Express — to make this photo otherworldly. Superb job all around. We're putting the mCAMLITE in the mail to Arlington, Texas and wishing you a wonderful Halloween, JesiMariko.

CanvasPop custom canvas winner Migor 1332

@migor1332 from Houston, Texas submitted a bunch of images to the contest via Twitter, and nearly all of them were outstanding. But this one particular image blew away our judges with its excellent use of Pixlr Express effects. We don’t know who this beautiful woman is in the photo, but we do know that Migor 1332 is hugely talented. We hope to see more of your work in the future. We’re sending you a $179 gift certificate from CanvasPop as the prize for most creative use of Pixlr effects. Print some of your best work on it. It’s going to look great.

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