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Day 3 Winner: Sahyog’s Holiday Sticker Extravaganza

Winner #3 in the Pixlr Holiday Photo Contest is Sahyog Kumar Yadav! Hailing from India, he’s already submitted a few entries, but this one submitted on Twitter really made us smile: 

Every letter in this banner is a household item that he posterized in Pixlr. We really value creativity, and this is pretty darn creative. He even included a bunch of other Pixlr Express stickers from sticker packs that go beyond our holiday pack. He’s covered just about every base in this holiday message. Nice job! 

We’re sending along a prize of his choice, the Bamboo Solar Charger from Photojojo. They offer a way to make gift packages smell like freshly baked cookies, so look for a delicious smelling package to arrive at your home in Noida, Sahyog. 

We’re choosing winners every day until Christmas, so keep the #pixlrholiday tagged photos coming. 

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