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Photo Contest Day 5: “Is It Too Late to Be Good?”


Day 5! We’re kicking into gear now. Almost halfway through the Pixlr Holiday Photo Contest. We have 12 days of gift giving to do, which means we have 7 more gifts to give away. 

Today’s winner is a doozie. Heather shares a photo that is undeniably, unrelentingly cute. “Is it too late to be good?” the sign asks. Even Santa wouldn’t punish this kid, even if he’d been really naughty all year long.

Heather chose a CanvasPop canvas print for her prize, and we’ve sent it along her way. Thank you, Heather, for sharing some amazing photos with us. You’re very good at this! Check out her Instagram page for more gorgeous shots. 

So easy to enter. Just tag your photos #pixlrholiday. Learn more at our contest site

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