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Day 6 Contest Winner: Yash and His Bubbly Christmas Card

Another day, another winner in our Holiday Photo Contest. Today, we bring you a winning entry by Yash Wadhwani. He entered a few images, including this little piece of work he submitted to the contest via Twitter

He got pretty creative with the tools in Pixlr Express to distort the text so that it looks like it’s seen through a bubble. Must have added and set in place each letter separately, too. For all that creativity we definitely want to give him a shout out. Well done, Yash! 

Yash chose the very neat Nanoblocks Toy Camera as his prize, and we have that prize headed to him in India. That’s our second Indian-residing winner in this contest. We love to see our apps used all across the world. 

This international holiday contest train is steaming forward until Christmas Day, so get your #pixlrholiday tagged photos in and maybe you can pick your own prize out of our grab-bag of gifts. 

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