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Thank You, #pixlrholiday Photo Snappers!

It’s Christmas Day, at least in some parts of the world, and we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who entered the Pixlr Holiday Photo Contest this year. We were humbled to see so much creativity displayed by the people who use our apps. Here’s a collage (made with Pixlr Express, of course) of the winning entries in this 12 Days of Xmas style contest:

We had winners from the United States, England, and Canada, but we also saw a few winners from India. Quite an international showing, which we absolutely love to see. Each winner got to choose their own prize, and the winners seem to have gravitated toward choosing a few standout prizes. Top-chosen prizes included CanvasPop canvases, the Bamboo Solar Charger, and the Mobi 16GB EyeFi WiFi card. Good prizes all.

The content of the entries was extremely varied. We kept it general in nature and asked people to submit whatever they thought was “holiday” in spirit. We saw all kinds of images of Christmas trees and ornaments, kids in Santa’s lap, holiday card-like compositions — all the things you might expect. But we also saw tons of great atmospheric and wintry scenes and plenty of completely off-the-wall and creative takes that we couldn’t have possibly imagined. And quite a few dogs and cat pics. This is the Internet after all, so that is to be expected — and is totally welcome. Woof! Meow!

All in all, our very creative customers made our holiday season a whole lot brighter. We loved watching the entries roll in every day of the contest, and we thank you for not just using Pixlr apps but for also saying so many nice things to us on all of the social networks. It makes us proud to be makers of this software when we see so many happy customers.

Didn’t win this time around? We’ll undoubtedly have another contest soon, so follow us here and there online to be notified when the next round of gift giving happens.

Thank you for using our apps to get creative this year, and please keep that creativity flowing in 2014. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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