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Day Two #pixlrlove Winner: The Full-Time Student

We have a second winner in our Valentine’s Day photo contest. Karyn Fuentes, who hails from Laredo, Texas, shares this fetching photo that shows us what she loves: being a full-time student. 


Frankly, we’re a bit jealous. We remember those days fondly. Afternoons relaxing at the library with ten or twelve good books, evenings sipping coffee at a cafe and doodling in a notebook, late nights at our favorite watering hole. Hey, we didn’t say we were full-time studying when we were last full-time students. We were in college, after all. But we totally miss all that time devoted to soaking up new experiences.

In addition to the winner she shared on Flickr, Karyn has already shared a number of great photos with us for this contest, including this gem: 


Over the weekend, she also showed us how she has a whole lotta love for Led Zeppelin: 


So, naturally, we had to make our own photo response to her: 


All of which is to say thank you, Karyn, for helping us have so much fun during this contest. We love seeing this kind of creativity from people using our apps. We’re sending you the The Poppy 3-D photo viewer, per your request. We’re so thrilled that someone is jumping in and trying that prize out. Looks like a totally neat thing to mess around with. We’re sending it from the Photojojo Store, which offers the option of making your package smell like fresh-baked cookies for only a dollar more. So, look for a sweet-smelling package to arrive on your doorstep. 

Your turn, everybody else. Tag the things you love #pixlrlove to be entered to win a prize — or even the grand prize of a super-cool instant camera. 

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