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Day Three #pixlrlove Winner: For the Love of Wife


We have another winner! Derek (@derkdork on Instagram) shows us what he loves — his wife. And to make his point even better, he uses a figurine of that gruff-but-loveable-sad-sack who also loved his wife in the Pixar movie Up, Carl Fredricksen. We don’t know about you, but we can’t make it one minute into the opening montage of that movie before the tears start dropping. Definitely the fastest movie cry in history. 

For his thoughtful and sweet Valentine photo to his wife, we’re giving him the prize of his choice from pixlrlove.com, a CanvasPop 12x12 custom print. Nicely done, Derek. Go make something great to hang on the wall. 

We’re breaking out the hankies as our contest gets closer to Valentine’s Day. We’ve seen some very touching entries, as well as some super fun and silly ones. We love all of them. Still more prizes to give out, so tag those photos #pixlrlove and show us what you love. 

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