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Day Four #pixlrlove Winner: The Big Reader

Sohini Kumar loves reading. A lot. So do we, and we’re happy to crown her as today’s winner in our Valentine Day photo contest. We like the casual way she’s chilling out surrounded by all her books. Some great choices in that stack, Sohini. We’re huge Wodehouse fans (and of course Harry Potter fans). 


She entered a number of nice photos in our contest this week from her Instagram feed, and we made a collage of some of our favorites from her entries.

Great job all around, Sohini. We’re sending the prize you chose, the Smartphone Film Scanner, to you in Bansberia, India. Like a lot of people (us included), we figure you have a box of old negatives gathering dust somewhere that will benefit from being digitized. 

So far this week, we’ve seen winners who love dogs, their wife, being a student — what about you? What do you love? We still have one more every-day prize to give away and the grand prize for the best overall Valentine’s Day photo, so get those entries in. 

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