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Grand Prize #pixlrlove Winner: The Nature Lover

We have a grand prize winner in our Valentine’s Day contest! 

This lovely photo from MrsKBad on Flickr really grabbed our attention. First off, it’s a good photo of a big, dewy leaf. Second, it’s got that spirit of love we’ve been on the lookout for throughout this contest. We also appreciate the way MrsKBad uses our apps in a creative way. She’s used the Helena effect from the Creative effects pack in Pixlr Express. That swatch of color lines up nicely and looks attractive. She’s also used a Valentine’s Day sticker and added some text using a nice handwriting font. She even subtly included a trace of a lipstick sticker hidden in the details. And, she chose one of the very stylistic rounded corner borders. Those borders don’t always work with every image, but it works great here, especially in white. 

All in all, this is an original photo that MrsKBad took some time to work up with effects, and we of course can get behind the spirit of loving Mother Nature. It wasn’t easy picking a winner because there truly were a ton of excellent photos shared for this contest. 

We’re sending her the Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera and two packs of film to get started with. It’s a cute-as-heck camera that should be a lot of fun to play with. We’ll have a wrap-up post about this contest tomorrow, but we wanted to let those who were itching to know who won that we have our grand prize winner. 

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