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Valentine’s Day Contest Wrap-Up: Honorable Mentions & Thank You Very Muches

We wrapped up our Valentine’s Day contest this past weekend. Like our past contests for Halloween and the holiday season, this one was also a big success. That tells us something: People like contests! Rest assured we’ll be running more contests in the future, and not just around holidays. It’s clear that people who use our apps like to be challenged to create new things, so we’re working on some new ideas for challenges we think people will love. 

For this contest, we asked people to show us something they love about life. Anything, really. The winners were varied and included Mother Nature, books, full-time student-hood, new places, a wife, and a very cute doggie. We’d like to extend our congratulations to all the winners


But we’d also like to thank all those other people who entered who didn’t win. When people take time out of their day and put their personal creativity toward making something for us — well, that really makes our month. We saw a very wide range of stuff people loved. A few standouts include images that were created to like Valentine’s Day cards or that had specific love-themed messages:  


We also, of course, saw a lot of people, of the coupled and uncoupled type. We even saw a few of the please-someone-please-be-my-Valentine-already variety. 


Some of our favorites were just plain fun things like a tiny snowman with a broken heart. Someone even loved Math! 


All in all, this was an excellent contest that brought out a lot of creativity. Thank you to everyone who entered, and please keep a space on your calendar in the future for more creativity when we run our next contest! 

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