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Hashtag Hall of Fame: The Pixlr-o-matic “Sandy Bob” #mh_challenge


Cute kids. They make the photo world go ‘round. And who takes all those sweet photos of kids? A whole lot of moms. Dads do it, too. You’ll spot dads on the playground with a fancy dSLR and some wicked cool camera angles, but moms with smartphones probably take and share the lion’s share of kid pics.

Not surprisingly, you’ll find mom groups on Instagram who love capturing special moments with kids and sharing them, and we stumbled upon a hashtag this week that’s chugging along nicely representing daily and weekly photo challenges: the #mh_challenge hashtag created by @Mom_Hub

Founded by Cheryl (@Momtothreegirls) and Danielle (@Darcadi), @Mom_Hub sponsors a daily challenge. But every week they have a larger challenge around editing photos. We’re thrilled to notice that this week the challenge is all about Pixlr-o-matic. They’re encouraging their community to vintage it up and use some very specific effects from the Pixlr-o-matic app. The image recipe they’re asking everyone to use when editing their photos is what they’re calling “Sandy Bob” — the “Bob” color filter combined with the “Sand” frame. This recipe ends up making something like this:


Of course, we absolutely love this challenge and wanted to spur them on with some extra encouragement and to help get the word out. Want to join in? It’s super easy. Check out this challenge announcement and #tag your Sandy Bob Instagram photos #mh_challenge47.

Thanks, moms, for making us part of your weekly challenge! 

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