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"I Made It" Winner #2: Liz’s Hairpins


Our second winner in our I Made It photo contest — Liz Smith from the U.K. — makes a whole lot of things. These illustrated hair clips caught our judges’ eye, and they awarded her a prize in this contest. Great stuff she makes, great use of Pixlr Express effects, and a nice creative way she’s laid this all out. Winner! 

Then we went digging into her Instagram profile a bit more. Wow! Liz makes tons of amazing things. First and foremost, she draws these fetching illustrations, which she uses to make jewelry, glasses, tableware, cards, stickers, clothes — a whole bunch of stuff. All of it is rooted in these lovely illustrations. it’s like she’s taken her gift of drawing and just expanded it in as many directions as possible. She even has her own site where she shares all the things she makes. 

Liz, thank you for sharing your talents with us for our contest! We’ll be sending you all three of Lumi’s newest kits for printing on fabric (or other surfaces). We love that you chose this prize from the batch because it shows you are a maker who really tries out all kinds of new things. Have fun with it, and let us know what you make! 

Are you entered in this contest? We still have 5 more prizes to give out, so tag photos of things you made by hand with both #imadeit and #pixlrcontest hashtags. Read all about it on our contest site if you want help getting started or just want to check out all the prizes. 

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