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I Made It Winner #6: Tim’s Sculpture

We’re inundated with creativity in this I Made It Contest we’re running to celebrate Maker Month. The number of impressive things people have shared with us that they’ve made with their own hands has completely floored us. There are some seriously creative people out there who are both good at taking photos and great at crafting things — sometimes whole cloth almost out of nothing. Today’s winner is no exception. @_timskinner shared a photo for our contest on Twitter that our judges honed in on.


This level of skill with the human form is something most of us are in awe of, but our judges also liked how he incorporated Pixlr Express into the mix. He’s used one of the stickers from our contest pack and even used one of the paper effects to add some dot texture to the photo. All in all, a superb entry. 

As we often do when we’re digging into all these photos people are sharing (an amazing 12,000+ photos so far!), we like to dig into the winners a little bit more. A quick scan of his blog shows us that Tim doesn’t just make beautiful sculptures. He’s made knives and swords and has even published his own sci-fi historical novel. Holy cow. This guy is bursting with creativity. Here’s a few of his other figurative sculptures collected in a collage we made with Pixlr Express: 


For his prize, Tim chose a $100 Etsy gift card, which we’re sending up to him in Canada. Tim, we are in awe of all of your creative energy and thank you for sharing your talents with us in this contest. Seriously inspiring to see what you make. 

What about you? What do you make? We have one more prize to give away, which we’ll do over the weekend. So get your last minute entries in. All the details on our contest site

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