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I Made It Winner #7: Emily’s KitchenAid Light

We’re down to the last prize in our I Made It photo contest: prize 7 of 7.

But before we give it away, we want to thank each and every one of you who participated. This was by far (BIG TIME!) the most successful contest we’ve ever run, both in the number of entries and in the quality of entries. We seem to have struck a nerve when we asked you to share photos of things you’ve made. There are some amazingly talented and creative people out there, and it was very difficult for our judges to pick winners. 

But pick they must, and they were quite impressed with this culinary inspired hack: 


It’s a photo of a KitchenAid mixer turned into a lamp by Emily Del Bel, a food science grad student at the University of Minnesota. We found this photo on Pinterest, where she shares a number of very crafty things she’s made. This entry was one of the most creative we’ve seen in this contest, and we like that she used a Pixlr app to give it a bit of atmosphere, color, and a grunge-y border. Great use of an otherwise dead kitchen appliance and a perfect example of something we never expected to see. Unique! 

For her prize, Emily chose a $100 Sur La Table gift card, which completely makes sense because she is a creative food scientist at the University of Minnesota. She focuses on sensory science, which sounds incredibly interesting, and we’re stoked that she took the time to share this superb creation with us. Thank you, Emily! 

That’s it for this contest. We’ll undoubtedly do another one soon, so please check in on this blog or follow us on Twitter (@pixlr) — or just keep your eyes on the Pixlr Express app when we add new effects packs.