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The #mysuperpower Photo Contest: Show Us What You’re Excellent At

It’s time for another photo contest! Our previous contest (“I Made It”) was our biggest contest ever, and we were kind of blown away by all the creative entries. This time around we want to celebrate fan culture — but with a little twist. Instead of celebrating larger-than-life superheroes who invade our movie theaters every summer, we want to celebrate the superpowers of everyday folks. 


Enter our #mysuperpower Photo Contest and show us — in a creative way — what you’re really good at. Everybody has a superpower of some sort. What’s yours? Whether it’s super spelling, super sarcasm, or the ability to make an entire bag of tortilla chips disappear, we want to see it:

  • Take a photo that represents your superpower in some way. 
  • Use Pixlr Express to edit your entry. You can use the effects pack that’s included for this contest or not. It’s entirely up to you how much or how little you embellish your photo. You don’t have to put text on your photos, but you’re welcome to if you want. Just make sure the hashtags are in the text of your social posts somewhere so we can find them. 
  • Tag your entry with two hashtags — #mysuperpower #pixlrcontest — on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook. Enter as many times as you like. (Maybe entering contests is your superpower.)

The contest starts today and ends at midnight on September 2nd. We’ll give away 14 prizes throughout the week of the contest. All winners get to choose a prize from those listed at pixlrsuperpower.com

There are a lot of pretty neat prizes on there, from cameras to gift cards to comics to Dr. Who TV remote controls to monthly subscriptions to swag boxes, etc. There’s bound to be something on there you’ll like. 

Check out the Official Rules or the Frequently Asked Questions if you need help getting started. Contest runs 8/26-9/2. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. NOW GET OUT THERE AND TAKE SOME PHOTOS! 


I Made It Winner #7: Emily’s KitchenAid Light

We’re down to the last prize in our I Made It photo contest: prize 7 of 7.

But before we give it away, we want to thank each and every one of you who participated. This was by far (BIG TIME!) the most successful contest we’ve ever run, both in the number of entries and in the quality of entries. We seem to have struck a nerve when we asked you to share photos of things you’ve made. There are some amazingly talented and creative people out there, and it was very difficult for our judges to pick winners. 

But pick they must, and they were quite impressed with this culinary inspired hack: 


It’s a photo of a KitchenAid mixer turned into a lamp by Emily Del Bel, a food science grad student at the University of Minnesota. We found this photo on Pinterest, where she shares a number of very crafty things she’s made. This entry was one of the most creative we’ve seen in this contest, and we like that she used a Pixlr app to give it a bit of atmosphere, color, and a grunge-y border. Great use of an otherwise dead kitchen appliance and a perfect example of something we never expected to see. Unique! 

For her prize, Emily chose a $100 Sur La Table gift card, which completely makes sense because she is a creative food scientist at the University of Minnesota. She focuses on sensory science, which sounds incredibly interesting, and we’re stoked that she took the time to share this superb creation with us. Thank you, Emily! 

That’s it for this contest. We’ll undoubtedly do another one soon, so please check in on this blog or follow us on Twitter (@pixlr) — or just keep your eyes on the Pixlr Express app when we add new effects packs. 

I Made It Winner #5: Damien’s Rock

Our I Made It photo contest for May rolls on. Today, we have a very talented winner: Damien Webb. He shared a bunch of entries with us on Flickr, and our judges gravitated toward this one:


What a great talent to take a few handmade things and give some life to a rock. He’s not just good with rocks, though. He makes all kinds of things that are incredibly tiny. For example, the copier he made in this collage of some of our favorites is about an inch-and-a-half wide. 


He does, however, make big things, too. Witness this giant GameBoy: 


Most of his images are edited simply and let the items themselves shine, although he often adds some vignetting or a little focus here and there. It’s all quite impressive, and we’re happy he shared these great photos with us. 

For his prize, Demian chose the Foldio pop-up studio, which he says will be a good fit because he can use it to take photos of his work. Sounds like a perfect choice to us. It also comes with a Joby Gorillapod GripTight Stand, and we’ll be ordering that all up to send up to him in Canada, where he hails from. Excellent job, Damien! 

We still have 2 more prizes to give away over the next week. So keep the creative photos coming and tag them for our contest. Questions? Check out all the details on our contest site: imadeitpixlrcontest.com

"I Made It" Winner #3: Ashley’s Up-Cycled Ties

Our most recent photo contest to celebrate Maker Month has already turned out to be the largest contest we’ve ever run. We’re completely blown away by the number of amazing entries. Big time! So if you’ve entered this contest — thank you for sharing such amazing stuff. 

To keep the contest rolling through the rest of the month, we’re awarding another prize. We’ll do this every 2-3 days. Today’s prize goes to a really neat photo that stood out to our judges. This is an old Pendleton jacket that has been turned into men’s ties.


This kind of up-cycling of old material into something new is one of our favorite things. So much of the things that surround us in our everyday lives just get tossed into a landfill, and we’re always impressed when we see someone take an old thing and make it new again. She used Pixlr Express’s collage feature for her photo, which works quite well. 

The maker of these ties is Ashley Dedin from Fargo, North Dakota. We dug down a bit more and found out she has an Etsy store and even a website devoted to this particular sewing skill of taking old thrift-store clothes and turning them into new accessories. Turns out she’s even running a Father’s Day special on her Etsy store, so maybe you can knock that gift out early and get something completely unique for dear old dad. 

Thank you, Ashley! You make excellent things, and we’re thrilled to have you sharing them with us and our community. We’re sending you the prize you choose — a $100 Etsy gift certificate — which we know you’ll make good use of. 

Plenty of time for everyone else to enter. We still have four more prizes to give away so get your entries in. Read all about the contest on our contest site: imadeitpixlrcontest.com

"I Made It" Winner #2: Liz’s Hairpins


Our second winner in our I Made It photo contest — Liz Smith from the U.K. — makes a whole lot of things. These illustrated hair clips caught our judges’ eye, and they awarded her a prize in this contest. Great stuff she makes, great use of Pixlr Express effects, and a nice creative way she’s laid this all out. Winner! 

Then we went digging into her Instagram profile a bit more. Wow! Liz makes tons of amazing things. First and foremost, she draws these fetching illustrations, which she uses to make jewelry, glasses, tableware, cards, stickers, clothes — a whole bunch of stuff. All of it is rooted in these lovely illustrations. it’s like she’s taken her gift of drawing and just expanded it in as many directions as possible. She even has her own site where she shares all the things she makes. 

Liz, thank you for sharing your talents with us for our contest! We’ll be sending you all three of Lumi’s newest kits for printing on fabric (or other surfaces). We love that you chose this prize from the batch because it shows you are a maker who really tries out all kinds of new things. Have fun with it, and let us know what you make! 

Are you entered in this contest? We still have 5 more prizes to give out, so tag photos of things you made by hand with both #imadeit and #pixlrcontest hashtags. Read all about it on our contest site if you want help getting started or just want to check out all the prizes. 

"I Made It" Winner #1: Jessica’s Sculpey Creatures


We have our first winner in our I Made It contest! Jessica Gimarelli (aka @grimm_artist on Instagram) shares an impressive Sculpey clay figurine she made. Jessica tells us she recently started making Sculpey figures like this, and judging by the looks of what she’s been making she’s getting good at this fast. For her prize, Jessica chose the 32GB Eye-Fi mobi SD card. We’ll be sending that out to her today. 

We put together a collage of this little guy being built from her Instagram feed. 


She has many others that are just as neat. Here’s one that she made. Looks like she popped this into a collage using Pixlr Express: 

Just from checking out her Instagram feed, it’s easy to see that Jessica makes all kinds of neat things, including jewelry that she sells on her Etsy store. Jessica, you clearly have a ton of creativity in you, and we thank you for sharing it with us!

We still have 6 more prizes to give away so get in there and show us what you make by hand. We’ll be giving prizes away every other day for the rest of the month. All the details on our contest website

New Contest to Celebrate Maker Month: “I Made It”


Time for another Pixlr contest! If you’re not familiar with “Maker Month,” you’re smack dab in the middle of it. This weekend is Maker Faire in our neck of the woods, and everyone we work alongside — Instructables, Sketchbook, 123D, Creative Market — are spending Maker Month celebrating all the people who make neat things with our apps. 

We want you to join us by showing us photos of things you make. If you have skills folding origami, knitting scarves, building birdhouses, sewing stuffed animals, making jewelry, 3D printing figurines, weaving baskets, baking cupcakes — making anything by hand — we want to see it.


You can use any Pixlr app to create your photo, but we’ve included a brand-new effects pack in Pixlr Express to make it easier. If you want to use those stickers and effects — go for it. It’s not necessary to use those effects, but we wanted to give you a simple way to slap a sticker on an entry if you want to. And, we wanted to give our users some new overlays, stickers, and borders to play with. 


Tag your photos with two tags — #imadeit #pixlrcontest — on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook to be entered to win some neat prizes, including an instant camera, a quadcopter with a camera (!), a roomy SD card, and a DIY camera kit. In addition to photo-friendly prizes, we’ve got all kinds of neat stuff like Etsy gift certificates, portable speakers, and even a very cool terrarium. You’re sure to find something you like. 

Who wins? Our judges will choose 7 people to win a prize of their choice from our contest site. We’ll be giving away these prizes every other day, and you can enter as many times as you like. Starting right now! 

Check out the Official Rules or the Frequently Asked Questions if you need help getting started. Contest runs 5/14-5/31. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. 

#pixlrcritters Winner #3: Cali’s First Easter

Winner #3 in our Easter Photo Contest has been crowned! Manivone Chanthapraseuth from Texas shares a quite cute shot of this little critter’s first Easter. In fact, she shared a bunch of really good shots of little Cali. Manivone (@piggy209 on Instagram) went to town with stickers on some of these shots, and there’s no denying that these photos are bursting with cuteness. 

Manivone chose the Instax 8 mini instant camera for her prize, and we’ll be sending that to her in sunny Houston. 

We’re still rolling along with our contest. Even though Easter ends in a few hours, we’ve got one more daily prize and the grand prize to give away in the coming days. So there’s plenty of time to get your shots in. Enter as many times as you like by tagging your shots #pixlrcritters. Check out all the details on our contest site at pixlrcritters.com

Pixlr Easter Photo Contest: Tag Super Cute Portraits #pixlrcritters


We’re delighted to be running another photo contest. People seem to really enjoy these, and we really, really enjoy seeing what people make. The grand prize is one of the cutest (and quite powerful) new cameras out there, the Samsung NX Mini. But we’re also giving away 4 daily prizes. As with our past contests, these daily prize winners get to choose from about a dozen neat prizes on our contest site.  



This time around, we want to see some super cute portraits of critters. What kind of critters? Bunnies, pets, stuffed animals, cute babies, selfies with bunny ears — anything or anyone cute or cuddly. Cuteness rules in this contest! Don’t have a cute critter handy? We’ve got some Easter stickers and effects in Pixlr Express that you can plop onto your photo. Throw some bunny ears on a selfie and give us your cutest look. Get creative and show us something inventively cute. 


Entering is incredibly easy. Just tag your entry #pixlrcritters on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook. Check out the prizes available at pixlrcritters.com, and knock us out with some creativity. Contest runs 4/17-4/22.