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Attention, Earthlings: NASA Wants Your #globalselfie

Happy Earth Day, everyone! If you’re going out and planting trees, picking up trash, and fixing the damage we’ve collectively done to the environment, we all collectively thank you. If you’re not, well we’ve got a pretty easy project that you can accomplish in about five minutes.

NASA is encouraging people to go outside and take a selfie wherever you happen to be. Then, post it on social media sites with the hashtag #globalselfie. NASA plans to dig up all these posts using data collection tools and stitch them together to make a unique snapshot of the Earth built out of photos. It’s a way to look at the world from a whole different perspective — a collective portrait of the Earth made up of individual selfies. What a great way to turn narcissistic, selfie-obsessed behavior into something almost transcendent. 

Best of all, it’s very easy for everyone to participate. Download the image we included on this post and print it out, or head to the NASA site to grab one in in the language of your choice.