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The World Cup is moving faster and faster toward the final game, and we’re loving it. We’re watching every game and doing up photos from the game with Pixlr Express. You can join us by popping into Pixlr Express for the web or iOS/Android and using some of the Beautiful Game flag overlays. We’ve included a few that we made today in this post to show you how they work if you haven’t already tried them out. 

Our favorite way to use these is to knock out the color with one of the “Too Old” effects, add a flag, and then bump up the saturation. There are other ways to make these look super sharp, but that’s our favorite way so far.

We’d love to see what you make. Tag your creations #beautifulgame on social sites like Twitter and Instagram. 

Root for Your World Cup Team with “Beautiful Game” Flag Overlays in Pixlr Express


The World Cup is upon us! To celebrate, we’ve created some flag overlays and stickers in Pixlr Express to help you root for your team. You’ll find 32 flag overlays representing each of the teams competing in the World Cup. Each flag is designed as an overlay to put on top of your photos in a subtle way, and we’ll keep this special “Beautiful Game” effects pack around in Pixlr Express for the web, iOS, and Android for the duration of the World Cup. With these, you can make very neat images like this: 

Even if you’re not a soccer/football fan, we encourage you to try them out. They look pretty sweet. A few tips for these overlays:

  • As with other overlays in Pixlr Express, you can dial down the opacity or rotate them to add a little more control. 
  • Some work better with darker images, some work better with lighter images. 
  • Want a really strong flag effect? Try knocking out the color completely from your image before adding these overlays (e.g., an antique filter). Then, after adding your flag effect turn up the saturation massively. 
  • You can mimic a slight double exposure effect by lowering the contrast of your image before adding your flag overlay.

They’re definitely worth experimenting with. We made a few for this post to show you what they look like, but you can go make one right now in the web version of Pixlr Express. Go for it!

In fact, if you make something and share it out there in the social sphere, tag it #beautifulgame. We’ll be watching the social networks to see what people create. We’ll be tweeting, favoriting, and anointing Pic of the Day status to some the best photos that use these overlays. 

Who do you think is going to win? We’re sort of leaning toward Italy: 


Although there’s no denying that the home Brazil team has a serious shot at this: 


But please pray for our U.S. team. They’re going to need it!