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Announcement: Our New Release, Pixlr X

We’re proud to announce our latest product release, Pixlr X, into the market for both creatives and non-creatives alike. An innovative merge between our top editing tools, Express, and Editor, Pixlr CEO Sevandersson intends for X to be a next-gen photo-editing program. Available online, Pixlr X allows users to experience professional-grade photo-editing, all for free.

Now, all Dropbox users can access photos via their account, and seamlessly edit their images with Pixlr X on Dropbox extensions. With available preset effects to choose from, you can smoothly resize, crop and edit your photos to your heart’s content. Minimal tool options offer a clean, convenient layout for quick and fuss-free image editing. The best part is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of registering an account, downloading and installing any programs.

No more launching editing programs installed within your computer, just fast loading and smooth edits all the way. Pixlr X was built via WebGL as an intuitive, functional online tool with user experience and ease-of-use in mind.

All you need is a good Internet connection, your favorite browser, and you’re good to go. If you’re on Dropbox, all the better. Save your photo edits directly into your Dropbox account so you can come back edit them later, or post them on your social media.

Here’s what you can do with Pixlr X:

Add Smooth Adjustments to Your Photos

Announcement: Our New Release, Pixlr X
Play with RGB channels and separate specific colors to your liking. Enhance or de-grain your photos for a smoother effect. Add on some grain to provide more texture, or better blend your images for a sharper look. X allows you to adjust the contrast and exposure of your photos with a split focus on highlights or shadows. Slide the color adjustments around for better vibrance, more saturation, or add some tint to your images.

Enhance Your Images with Preset Effects

Announcement: Our New Release, Pixlr X
With Pixlr X, enhancing your images has never been quicker or easier. Explore our collection of twelve presets, and set the tone of your photos to give it your desired effect. Go from cool blues to warmer sepias like Mr Jaxon, or embrace the classic black and white effect with Ol’ Days.

Easily Add Text to Customize Your Photos

Announcement: Our New Release, Pixlr X
Sometimes your images need something for you to remember them by. Events like special occasions, life achievements, or a date you never want to forget. Slide some captions into your photos to give them that personalized feel. Choose from our list of available fonts within the text menu, and mix things up with the text color palette!

Quickly Crop or Resize Using Preset Dimensions

Announcement: Our New Release, Pixlr X
About to make a quick post for the daily ‘gram? Need to create a quick thumbnail for your latest Youtube upload? Cropping some unnecessary photobombs out of the picture? We’ve got you covered. Choose from X’s available preset sizes for some fast edits, or freely resize the dimensions to whatever you need for your images.

“Over the years, our users have relied on Pixlr to help them transform their photos and images to make every moment beautiful,” said Sevandersson. “And today, we’re excited to partner with Dropbox to extend Pixlr X’s powerful image editing capabilities to their vast network of content creators, creative individuals, and professionals at zero cost.”

Pixlr X supports all modern browsers on desktop and some popular tablets such as the iPad. Users can expect to experience a streamlined workflow through X’s convenient, functional image file-saving directly to their Dropbox account.
Rolling out worldwide on November 27th, 2018, be on the lookout for Pixlr X on Dropbox Extensions!

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