Automated image resizing for website with AI

Automated image resizing for website with AI

Pixlr’s Smart Resize is changing the game in web design with image resizing. This tool automatically adjusts images that help enhance both the look and functionality of websites. Here’s a look at how Smart Resize is simplifying tasks for web designers and transforming the design process.

Pixlr Smart Resize Interface

Smart Resize enables designers to quickly and efficiently resize images for various web elements like banners, headers, and thumbnails. This efficiency not only saves time but also helps maintain the visual consistency of the website across different pages and devices with just a click.

Responsive Design Simplified

Different screen sizes in Pixlr for Smart Resize

In the digital world, responsive design is important. Smart Resize ensures that images used for various screen sizes and resolutions are optimized. With just one click, the AI resizes the images automatically, ensuring images appear clear and load quickly across all devices, thus improving the overall user experience.

To access the Smart Resize feature in Pixlr Express, go to ‘Crop’ on the side toolbar. Click on ‘Smart Resize’ where you can either enter the width and height of the new canvas size or select any preset sizes list at the bottom. The ‘Fill’ method will proportionately fill the entire new canvas size while the ‘Fit’ method will adjust to fit the current image into the new canvas size without cropping any part of the image.

Optimizing Website Performance with Webp Format

Optimizing Website Performance with WebP Format in Pixlr

Pixlr boosts web design capabilities by supporting the export of images in the WebP format. WebP is known for smaller file sizes without compromising image quality. This leads to reduced website loading time, which improves both performance and user satisfaction. Pixlr’s Smart Resize is an essential tool for web designers looking to automate the image resizing process, ensuring responsive design, and optimizing website performance easily.

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