Here's Why Your Brand Needs A Good Logo

Imagine a company without a logo. You can’t – right? Well, that’s pretty much the entire point of a logo. To act as the branding forefront of a business. To be memorable and integrated within your brand’s design. And ultimately, to be recognized and reveal your brand identity in…

Deciphering The SVG File

SVG, JPEG, EPS, PNG, GIF … with all these file names that exist, it’s easy to get lost in the realm of formats. Here, we focus on what an SVG file is, as well as the advantages of using it. Explore all about this file type and discover…

5 Free Design Resources for All Your Creative Needs

As a bunch of people who celebrate creativity, we know how awesome it is when inspiration strikes! That feeling when you get hit by an idea that just opens up a path that leads to more ideas is priceless. Picture those tendrils of inspirational ideas colliding with your…

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