Photography Pixlr X Tutorial

Create Instagram-ready Photos With Pixlr X

Sometimes, after you snap a photo, you might feel like it needs a little more editing than what Instagram itself can offer. Maybe you need something that offers extra effects, more manual resizing or adjusting the exposure of your photo.

Quick and easy! Zoom in to see a more detailed video.

Here’s where Pixlr X comes in. Available on both web and mobile, Pixlr X allows integrated editing through Dropbox itself. Sync your photos and illustrations right into your Dropbox account, and edit away with Pixlr X. Next, save your edited imagery right back into your Dropbox storage with ease. Convenient, right? We think so, too.

As shown in the video above, simply resize your image to fit the square that is Instagram’s iconic post size. Choose your own adventure with effects, extra adjustments, or even add text to your liking.

And voila! You’re ready to post your edited photo up for the daily ‘gram.

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