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Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards

There’s nothing like watching the smile on your mother’s face grow when she takes a look at the adorable, customized card you’ve just given her. Preferably after you bring her breakfast in bed, and present your heartfelt gifts to her. Mother’s Day is, after, one of the best days to tell mom how special she is to you (other than mom’s birthday, of course)! But do you find yourself needing a little spark to light up that creativity for card creation? Here’s some inspiration that can help you with designing Mother’s day cards.

Design A Mother’s Day Card Online For Free

Strapped for time, but don’t want to go for generic store-bought cards? You can easily make your own for free using Pixlr X. Start by creating a new empty artboard for your design purposes. I went with the standard vertical A4 size, because if you’re going to be printing your card design out, it’s going to be a lot easier.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Drag and drop your own image into the X interface, so that it loads into the size of your artboard. I’m using this perfect photo by Julia Sudnitskaya on 123RF for this mini tutorial, but you can definitely use a photo of your own.

Add On Your Own Quote or Saying

You’ll probably need a little design sense for this, but it won’t take up too much of your time! Now that you have your image in, click on Text to begin adding a new text. The first thing you’ll see once you click on Add new text is a ready-made dummy quote in Arial font.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

This is completely editable, but for what we’re about to create requires you to make separate text boxes to build your own design. While I have kept mine short and sweet with just three words, yours doesn’t have to be! You are, after all, creating your very own personalized card for mom’s special day.

Tip: Click on Add new text after you’ve typed out each word. This creates a completely new text box for you to play around with.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Next, you’ll want to change the font to something mom likes, or a nice font that suits your design. I went with Easterica and Earth & Sky for my font pairing – you’ll find them in the drop-down font menu once you click on Arial. Don’t be afraid to play around with lowercase or uppercase lettering. This adds just that extra bit of playfulness into your typography game. Oh, and notice how the words have uneven spacing? We’re definitely going to change that.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Simply select the word you want to change, and resize, rotate, or change the colors of via the available settings on the left sidebar. If you’d like to copy your own custom color palette to match your image, you definitely can.

I really wanted the “AMAZING” text to stand out from the pale background, so I used a custom pink hue to give it a much more bold appearance on the design. You can replicate this effect too, with a color of your choice that matches the tones of your chosen image.

I went ahead and added a Heart shaped element from the Shape section. You can add your own, or mix it up by using other shapes of your choice.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Rotate and resize the design element to your liking before you hit the Save button.

Here’s the finished result! You can save your design by downloading it in JPG, PNG, WEBP or PXD format.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Use A Mother’s Day Sticker

Not all that great with designing? That’s okay, it’s what Pixlr X is for – convenience! For a quick and easy ready-made quote, you can use one that’s already available in Pixlr X’s Mother’s Day elements. Choose Add Element > then select Sticker.

You’ll want to select the Mother’s Day tab.

I went with the last one because the colors seem to match my chosen image. While you can’t change colors of the elements right now, you can tweak the transparency on the given slider to suit the opacity of your photo.

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Rotate and resize the sticker until you feel that it fits! Download your finished result in any format of your choice available in the Pixlr X settings.

Use Free Pre-made SVG Cut Files

Design Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Cards - PIXLR Blog

Download ready made Mother’s Day themed cut files from LoveSVG, especially if you’re planning to create a purely handmade card. Choose from adorable decorative elements to classy pieces that add spice to your designs. Designed for DIY crafters, LoveSVG has a whole collection of various creative, holiday, seasonal and event-themed SVG files for your creative projects. Once you’ve picked out the design you like on the site, you’ll want to download and use the PNG formats provided in your ZIP file. Simply drag and drop them into your artboard to begin creating! 🙂

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