Everything You Can Do With Pixlr X - PIXLR Blog

What can you create with Pixlr X? Plenty of things. Think about creating Youtube thumbnails, designing social media posts, even resizing those social media posts. Edit photos, add filters or effects, and add text to your images quickly and easily. It’s a convenient and free program that’s easily…

Creative Experiments With 3D Design Trends - PIXLR Blog

Summer – the season of fun in the sun, picnics, exploring the sand and sea, and … incredible music festivals. What if you’re a visual creator in need of some design inspiration to create visuals for these summer moments? Say no more – TheHungryJPEG’s 3D content can fulfill…

Design A Square Summer Sale Instagram Post - Pixlr Blog

Fire up Pixlr X in your browser. For this tutorial, I’m using Safari, but Chrome and Firefox work just as well. Create a new document with Instagram’s square dimensions: 1080 by 1080 pixels. You can opt for changing the name of your project, or adding a background by…

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