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Easily Make Selective Color Changes With Pixlr Pro

Interested to learn how to change colors in the photo selectively? For example, changing the eye color of a person in a photo. We’ve all experienced that moment when we’re curious what our eyes would look like in a different color.

Whether it’s for your profession or your hobby, we’d like to show you how you can easily do that in Pixlr Pro.

One of the easiest ways to proceed with this are with eye color changes. Get creative with not just the regular eye colors, but the rare, stunning duo-toned hues.

Here’s How You Can Make Selective Color Changes in Pixlr Pro:

Let’s start by opening an image of your choice in Pixlr Pro. We went with this photo.

Easily Make Selective Color Changes With Pixlr Pro
Our GIF Guide

This GIF runs you through the entire tutorial steps but you can also check out our written step-by-step guide down below.

There’s a row of buttons under the layers. Click New Adjustment Layer.

Select Hue/Saturation.

Check Colorize.

Drag Saturation to the maximum, just to make the image visibly colored.

This adjustment layer has a mask. Click it and make sure it’s selected.

Take the Paint Bucket Tool (G) and fill the canvas with black. For the mask black means transparent, so the adjustment’s effect will disappear.

Now, take a Brush (B). Select a soft one.

If you work with a mouse, lower the Opacity to have greater control over the pressure.

Now, switch the color to white (X). White means opaque for the mask, so if you paint with it, it will reveal the effect of the adjustment in the painted area.

So, paint over the eyes with white to reveal their colorization. Make sure that your mask is still selected! Switch between white and black to paint and erase to achieve a precise end result.

Now, double click the adjustment’s thumbnail to open its settings.

Drag Hue and Saturation sliders to achieve the color that you wanted.

If you want to use more colors, you can right click the adjustment layer and select Duplicate Layer (Control-J). As it’s a separate adjustment, you can use a different Hue here and and paint over the mask to reveal this new color differently.

If you want to use multiple colors, there’s also another technique. Create a New Layer.

Hold Alt key and drag the mask of the previous adjustment to copy it to this new layer.

Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Color.

Now you can simply paint on this layer (not on the mask!) with any colors you wish. The mask will limit the effect to the outline of the eyes, and the Color Blend Mode will blend the colors with the photo.

There we go! Now you know how to change eye color in Pixlr Pro. Check out the finished results below. Play around and experiment with these colors to your liking. You’ll never know what your creativity is capable of 😉

Here’s what we achieved with this tutorial!
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