Edit Images With Pixlr And Monetize Your Creative Work

Looking for ways to start earning a passive income with your creative work, but don’t have the right software nor the budget for one? A free online browser-based tool like Pixlr can help you with that. While any other software can work just as well, Pixlr offers a handy A.I. integrated background removal tool for cutting out and replacing selective sections of your images. For an affordable annual rate, you can add flair to your visuals before submitting them to creative platforms like 123RF to create your own selling portfolio.

Don’t want to spend too much on expensive software?

You can access the basic tools of Pixlr X and E for free, together with some overlays and stickers. If you need further access to more advanced features and editing tools, Pixlr offers some very affordable pricing plans for image editing professionals.

Just starting out with photo editing?

If you’re completely new to image editing, you’ll probably still need to learn the ropes with a simple editing program. Start with Pixlr X, a free online tool. While it is pretty basic, it’s a very user friendly browser-based editing tool that allows you to work on your image editing skills without having to worry about downloading additional software. As an individual looking to upgrade your skill set, try learning X at your own pace.

Need a little extra features and tools?

Perhaps you might be a more intermediate user, and find that X could be a bit too basic for your editing needs. You might feel ready for a more advanced level of software like Pixlr E, especially once you have already gained a good grasp using X. A loosely based alternative to Photoshop, Pixlr E provides users a clean, fuss-free design and editing experience. Should you choose the Advanced or Professional plan, both X and E come decked with A.I. integrated tools, which can cut out a big chunk of manual editing time, especially when it comes to removing backgrounds from your photos.

However, if you are an educator, Pixlr has a dedicated Education section for your teacher and student lesson material. Learning how to design can open up a lot of possibilities and new, exciting career paths. Pixlr X has an easy and simple enough learning curve for both students and teachers to edit and create images for lessons and assignments. Start with the basics if you’re new.

Monetize your creations and artwork online

Artwork by Anastasiia Tarasiuk, 123RF.

Interested in submitting your creative art to 123RF? If you are a photographer or a digital artist, creating a contributor account and uploading your creative work to build your portfolio can net a considerable amount of passive earnings over time.

This is a lucrative opportunity to begin making money from your creative skills, because you basically only need to work hard once, and then reap the benefits later. Check out this guide on the best practices for creating trending artwork and earning better.

Of course, 123RF’s platform isn’t limited to just photography, however broad a range it may cover. Submit anything from hand-drawn patterns to gradient or watercolor illustrations. If you’re unsure about the types of design content that 123RF accepts, simply run a quick search on the library to explore its massive collection.

From the online gig industry to starting your very own digital business, there’s no denying that having a side hustle without having to quit your day job has become the new norm. Even if you’re just starting out, there will always be a learning curve in everything – so why not make use of your creative skills and monetize your work?

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