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Get More Clicks & Views: 10 Must-Have YouTube Thumbnails

With the right thumbnail design, you can achieve just about anything

A fact that many content creators are familiar with; thumbnails is the key to skyrocket your engagement rate on YouTube. It is all about first impressions, this much is undeniable, and they are especially crucial within the virtual world. With so much new, creative content being uploaded at every moment, the competition for YouTubers is fierce. 

Hence, it is imperative to get the right design for every thumbnail you choose. Designing each one of these video thumbnails however, can be quite taxing. You may run out of ideas, time or even energy. Luckily, with Pixlr’s latest thumbnail templates, you can do so in just a few clicks. 

Use Pixlr’s eye-catching thumbnail templates for any type of YouTube content

Regardless if you are a vlogger, streamer, artist, or reviewer, rest assured that Pixlr’s vast selection of templates has got you covered. Browse below for a sneak peek. 

1. Travel 

With travel restrictions slowly being lifted worldwide, it’s no wonder if travel vlogs have now started to take a rise among YouTubers. Combined with the endless lockdowns and movement restrictions we collectively experienced, people are now filled to the brim with wanderlust. 

For instance, there has been a 65% annual increase of watch time for travel-related videos on YouTube, which says just how crucial this type of content can be to generate more viewers. To do that, you need to pick the very best thumbnail designs such as below;

Yellow and Black Travel
Exploring Asia with Mike

2. Gaming

With two out of the top five most subscribed YouTube channels in the world being a gaming channel, it is safe to say that gaming content’s popularity has been long established.

 However, statistics also show that more than 20 million gaming-related content has been uploaded on YouTube. This also applies to other platforms too such as Twitch, as gaming channels tend to gain more views. 

How do you make sure that you’ll stand out, should you choose to upload similar content? Of course, the answer to use our professionally designed thumbnail templates such as these;

Game Strategy
Black and Gold Gamer

3. Photography 

As our appreciation for art and aesthetics grow deeper each day, many content creators have now shared their love for photography on YouTube. Be it the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of capturing a rare wildlife moment, a simple montage of photos they took recently, or even a step-by-step tutorial on how to use digital cameras, photography content is something that content creators should not overlook as it can also generate lots of views and likes. 

If you’d like to capture your target audience’s attention with your YouTube thumbnail, why not try out these designs?

Yellow photography
Professional Food Photography

4. Lifestyle

Also a popular content idea among YouTubers is to showcase their daily routines. This is as lifestyle videos (such as makeup routines, favorite products or even blogging tips), generally tend to attract lots of audience too. It can show relatability and transparency too, which is one of the main reasons why it is among the most liked content types on YouTube. 

To establish that personal connection you are hoping to achieve with your audience in just one look, use these captivating visuals;

My Favourite Everyday Products
Best Blogging Tips

5. Fitness

With the surging awareness on health and positive body image in recent years, fitness content has also become one of the most watched videos on YouTube. Home workout videos, fitness challenges, and training videos are now high on demand. 

If you’d like to hop on the trend and create fitness-related content on Youtube, why not attract the right audience with these thumbnail templates?

Free Thumbnail 10 Minute Yoga Routine
Intense Workout Routines

Get your own YouTube thumbnail ready now

Curious to know more on what Pixlr offers for YouTube thumbnail templates? Why not browse through the full collection? Within just a few clicks, you can customise the design elements and rearrange them as you’d like. 

Personalise your thumbnail with Pixlr, today!


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