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Give Your City Sunset Photos A Blade Runner Effect

Gorgeous. Stunning. Breathtaking. All words used to describe a great sunset photo, especially those with incredible colors. These colors come about when sunset intersects with twilight or dusk, and produce interesting hues that make for great shots. Always a good addition to any photography portfolio! 😉

Now, while most sunset photos are taken in tropical areas such as beaches (and some are pretty amazing ones at that!) there are some stunning imagery featuring city sunsets, too. You’ve seen my guide to editing your beach sunset photo – so here’s one for sunsets in the city.

For the city image, I’m using a beautiful Thai cityscape shot at sunset by Pipop Boosarakumwadi on 123RF.

Pretty great shot, right? But what if you want to give it a more pink tint? I’ve got you covered. So does Pixlr X, which is good for making smooth, fast edits.

Once you’ve opened your selected city sunset photo in Pixlr X, jump straight to “Highlights” in the “Toning” section. I went with 42% on the slider with a pink-ish hue. Basically, what this does is create an overlay of pink or any other color of your choice onto your image.

Another way to achieve an orangey-red tone over your photos is to head over to the “Effects” section. I selected “Superone” with a 82% opacity on the slider. If you choose 100%, the outcome is pretty cool, too.

Under “Warmth”, choose the first one, “Pinks”. If the color looks too dark or too light for you, go ahead and adjust the opacity slider to your liking.

The Blade Runner Mood

The technique that I like using is the “Grapes” effect with the opacity on a full on 100%. The distinctly pink-purple hue sets in with a futuristic flair that brings the likes of Blade Runner movie scenes to mind. Maybe Guardians of The Galaxy, too, depending on your choice of show.

Next, just hit the Filter section and let’s go into the details. Set the sliders to 22 on Sharpen, and 15 on Clarity.

Here’s the final product. Don’t just sit there. Experiment away!

Ryan Gosling, you out there?
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