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9 Halloween Fonts And Vectors To Add Spook Into Your Season

Freak out! It’s the right month to feel frightfully festive – give your usual masterpieces an eerie touch this Halloween! What do you look for when you need to add text to your Halloween-themed visual designs? The choice of typography is always important when it comes to pushing out your message. Whether it’s for your own brand, or if you’re creating a visual for a brand, here’s a great selection of Halloween fonts and vectors to help you with that. Picture getting shook with the creative spook as you sink your vampire teeth into our design treats. In less spooky lingo, click the links below to get your scary design freak on.

Scary Cute Fonts + Graphics

Let’s start off nice and easy with softcore visuals.

9 Halloween Fonts And Vectors To Add Spook Into Your Season - PIXLR Blog
Ozzombie on THJ

Zombie goo and body parts are a fierce combination that will add a splash of creativity to any visual for just $10. And as far as undead-related designs go, you probably won’t go wrong with this Ozzombie typeface. Probably. Unless it comes back to life and starts chasing you.

Deadclub Family on THJ

The Deadclub family might look like cute monsters, but let’s try not to underestimate them. Joining the Halloween contenders with colorful, manic-looking creatures you’d expect to see in a child’s nightmare, explore the free monster graphic set of AI and PNG vectors.

Mister Pumpkins on THJ

Reminiscent of the classic book series Goosebumps, but with a bit of Kurt Cobain grunge, Mister Pumpkins features 3 styles of display fonts. With an added bonus of 30+ adorable hand-drawn vectors and doodles, don’t miss out on this set of fonts and graphics going for $16.

Pretty Scary Fonts + Graphics

Hoo boy, we’re getting there.

Halloween Creator Kit on THJ

For a super affordable rate of $1, this semi-realistic Halloween Creator Kit comes with 11 PNG elements that you can mix and match to create great graphics. Watercolors will and always will stay trending, so if you’re looking to jump onto the just-painted-totally-handmade ride, this little baby is your ticket.

Moonhells on THJ

Going for $15 on TheHungryJPEG, Moonhells is a typeface that triggers my nostalgia with every scary animation I’ve watched in my childhood. Featuring spooky extras, the vibes Moonhells gives me are reminiscent of Tim Burton’s mega-hit Nightmare Before Christmas. A quality font for your fear-inducing designs for sure!

Silent Hell on THJ

Now, if you’re looking for a font that’s dastardly identical to the one you see on The Nightmare Before Christmas movie posters, look no further than Silent Hell. Am I in love with this Tim Burton-esque font? Yes. Yes I am. I’m also very in love with their extra graphics. Get this font and more for $14.

Scream Dream Fonts

What you’d expect to see in a horror video game. Or everyday life, if you’re a fan of death metal.

Ririwa on THJ

If for some reason you need some brushstroke lettering with elements that mimic the appearance of blood, Ririwa typeface should be your first choice. Available with the usual glyphs like uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers, this font is going for $12 right at the time of publication.

Zanaz on THJ

While Zanaz sounds like a buff, diabolical demon you’d use pentacles and chants to summon from the depths of Belial’s Underworld, it’s actually the name of this pretty neat typeface. No doubt if Zanaz existed, he’d drag you down into the dark abyss with him. Probably extend your stay, too. Man, Zanaz, what a cool dude. Can’t stop typing his name. Nuff said, get Zanaz for $20 on TheHungryJPEG. If not for Halloween, use it as a design element for your metal band’s t-shirts.

Butter Sweet on THJ

Contrary to its sugary-sounding name, Butter Sweet is pretty salty, we promise! Here’s what you can expect: a great versatile typeface you can use in both spooky-scary or punk rocker visuals. Going for $17, Butter Sweet can either get you past massive lines at a rock concert, or entice you into playing a multiplayer horror simulator a lá Dead By Daylight.

Need to quickly edit or make a quick design for your digital creations? Those Halloween vector graphics and doodles can be opened and edited using an online design tool like Pixlr X.

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