Photography Pixlr X Tutorial

How to Cutout, Add or Change Background Color Of An Image With Pixlr X

Sometimes I only need one part of a photo to use in my content. Other times, I want to extract part of an image, and change the background to be a simple, plain color. Most people go with either a white or black background, but it’s entirely up to you. Here’s how to achieve both of those effects with Pixlr X. Follow my steps below to cutout, add or change background of an image for free with Pixlr X.

  1. Use the Lasso Tool
  2. For a more precise cutout, use the Drawing Tool
  3. Change the Background Color under Arrange
  4. Click on Save
  5. Choose JPG

Watch my video above to get an idea of how I extracted the vehicle from its original background, and changed the placement and color. Check out this tutorial instead if you’d rather remove the background from your image entirely (saving it as PNG format).

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