How to get free images with AI Image Generation

How to get free images with AI Image Generation

The use of images is important in narrative. Any blogger, social media influencer, or company owner who want to improve their marketing materials must have high-quality photographs. Finding these free photos, however, is frequently a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process. Pixlr’s AI Image Generator offers a new and more efficient solution to free images. It creates customized images digitally that tailor to your needs.

A new way of looking for free images: Prompting

The usual way of finding free images typically requires sifting through numerous stock photo websites or relying on generic search engine results. This process can be monotonous and time-consuming. Pixlr’s AI Image Generator offers a more effective method for locating ideal free images by using prompts. By inputting precise keywords or prompts, you can direct the AI to produce images that align with your exact vision. This new method saves time and provides free images that are not only relevant but also customized to your specific requirements.

How to get free images with Pixlr’s AI Image Generator

1. Sign Up or Log In

Sign up using your social media account or email address, or log in if you already have a Pixlr account. A 7-day free trial account gives users 250 AI credits, allowing them to generate over 60 free images. Pixlr Premium users enjoy 1000 AI credits monthly, equating to 250 free images.

2. Input Your Keywords

Go to AI Image Generator and type in keywords like ‘summer beach’ or ‘tropical paradise’ that are relevant to the free photos you need. Additionally, you can browse popular AI photos from the Pixlr community and pick the ones that best represent your ideas, then apply the same prompts to create your own versions of the images.

3. Select, Customize, and Download

Once you select the images that fit your vision, you can customize them using Pixlr’s editing tools if needed, and download them directly to your device for free.

Benefits of Using Pixlr’s AI Image Generator

High-Quality Images

The AI Image Generator on Pixlr creates photos of a high quality that can significantly improve your content. The sophisticated algorithms guarantee that every image is clear, vibrant, and visually pleasing.


Designers used to spend hours searching through multiple stock photo websites to find and edit the perfect image. You can quickly create the ideal image using Pixlr AI Image Generator, giving you more time to work on other projects or tasks in hand.

Creative Freedom

In addition to making it easier to create photographs for free, Pixlr provides a variety of editing tools that allow you to customize your photos. To make sure your images are precisely as you want them to be, make color adjustments, apply filters, crop images, and more.

Sample Prompts for Trending Topics

Here are some sample prompts based on current trending themes. These prompts are designed to generate relevant, eye-catching images for your content.

1. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Living

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Living image

Keywords: “sustainable lifestyle,” “eco-friendly,” “green energy solutions”
Example Prompt: eco concept friendly, sustainable living practices

2. Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness image

Keywords: “healthy eating,” “mental wellness”
Example Prompt: Healthy simple meal on light marble top, food photography, realistic (shot from above)

3. Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation image

Keywords: “smart home devices,” “artificial intelligence,” “latest tech trends”
Example Prompt: futuristic smart home technology, realistic

4. Travel and Adventure

Travel and Adventure image

Keywords: “exotic destinations,” “adventure travel,” “cultural experiences”
Example Prompt: exotic travel destinations, photojournalism

5. Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style

Keywords: “street fashion,” “seasonal trends,” “runway looks”
Example Prompt: y2k female model with current high-street fashion trends, fashion photography, realistic

Tips for maximizing your experience

Tip 1: Use specific keywords

The more specific your keywords, the more accurate the image results will be. For example, instead of just typing “flowers,” try “vibrant tropical flowers” to get more targeted images.

Tip 2: Experiment with customization

Don’t hesitate to use Pixlr’s preset styles on the AI Image Generator or the editing tools to enhance your images. To make your photos stand out, adjust saturation, contrast, and brightness. You may also utilize filters to get a certain look.

Tip 3: Stay updated

Millions of AI images are generated on a monthly basis, so leverage the ‘popular’ image tab to get inspired. You never know, you might find an image similar to what you envision. Reuse the prompt to get a unique image for yourself.

How AI is revolutionizing image creation

The future of image creation is being completely transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), which is increasing creative possibilities and automating processes. Large datasets can analyze by AI algorithms to produce high-quality photos quickly and efficiently. These tools act as a creative collaborators for artists, providing them with unique patterns, cutting-edge design elements, and imaginative ideas that broaden the horizon of artistic expression.

Additionally, AI customizes image creation to individual preferences, creating personalized content that increases user engagement and resonates with the specific audiences. AI makes advanced image creation accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill level, by simplifying complex editing tasks. More individuals can create and share high-quality images, redefining the digital landscape with a wide range of creative imagery. Embracing AI image generation is embracing the future, where efficiency, creativity, and accessibility converge to transform image creation.

The AI Image Generator from Pixlr provides a creative and effective way to find free photos. You may easily generate, edit, and download photos that are customized to your exact requirements with AI. Pixlr gives you the resources you need to be successful, whether your goal is to improve your blog, increase your social media presence, or produce eye-catching images for your company.

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