How To Get Through A Creative Slump

Blinking cursors. Blank canvases. Empty spreadsheets. A feeling of slow frustration that doesn’t seem to end.

This is what a creative block feels like for most of us. Truthfully speaking, even the hardest workers out there will, at some point in their work life, suffer from creative block. The tap that your creative juice flows from to fuel your ideas? It’ll get stuck. But that doesn’t mean it won’t flow again. The important takeaway is how creatives deal with their blocks and manage to successfully overcome them.

There probably isn’t anything good about having creative slumps. And if you encounter a particularly bad one, it has to be the fact that they can last longer than expected. Here, we’ve listed the best ways to overcome them.

(Get Rid Of) The Mental Block

The mental block is usually what is seen as the surface of a creative block. In it, you feel like you are trapped by your own thinking and locked in a familiar way looking at the world so that there are no other options.

How To Get Through A Creative Slump

Ask yourself “What if…?

Technically, the best way to get outside of this creative block is to change your thinking and alter your mind. Ask yourself “What if…?” and start adopting different perspectives. Visit new places, read new books, watch new movies. Talk to people you can rely on and get an alternative point of view. Step outside of your comfort zone.

The Emotional Block/Barrier

A creative block can also be emotional. The truth is, most of the creatives find their work intense, even if it doesn’t seem like it. If it’s a problem from your personal life, you should take action before you start to lose your passion.

If you are faced with the unknown, you should face it and come through the other side.

One of the best ways to stop an emotional creative block is to establish a routine, stick to a commitment and meditate. This may feel like slipping into a pool of water – at first, it’s freezing. Later on, you adapt and become immune to the cold. It’s identical to the age-old saying: Practice makes perfect.

Get Obsessed With It

Sometimes, you need to fill your head with your view of the problem in order to solve it.

If your creative block is centralized around one particular project, make sure to review every part of it, do something else and fill your head with your view of the problem, looking for patterns in order to solve it. Take notes and you may notice a trend.

For the best results, some experts recommend coming up with as many solutions (to the problem) as possible. This way, you can urge your mind to stop fretting over finding the perfect one.

Change Of Habits

One great way to get the juices flowing when having a creative block – is to do things in the opposite way that you normally do or adopt a change of habits.

Like having lunch outside in a park while you work, for instance.

For example, if you are suffering from a creative block and you need to write something down, do it with your other hand. If it lasts for days, change your route to work – or even your breakfast. It may seem strange, but a shock like this can help stimulate your creativity.

If All Else Fails…Do Nothing

Do we have a winner in the form of the most non-demanding solution to overcoming a creative block?

Sit, meditate, do some people-watching… your choice.

It may seem like it. However, doing nothing can help you get your own space of time and rest your mind. You can look outside the window, stare in the wall or just sit and think. But make sure you are not procrastinating so that you ruin the time spent not creating it.

Final Words

Sometimes, the hardest part of a new project is the start. Just like Mondays and the first week of every month – dullness can shade our creativity and make us reluctant.

At the end of the day, creativity is a funny business – and it sometimes requires funny solutions when you are experiencing problems. Still, instead of the classics like “listen to music” or “spend time in nature”, we all need to be a bit more resourceful and prevent creative blocks in the future.

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