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In the Spotlight | Justin Odisho

“If you don’t enjoy what you do, you will resent the audience you’ve built around it.”

Even the most successful people had to face a few obstacles to get to where they are today.

In our series In the Spotlight, creators reveal the biggest lessons they’ve learned in their careers, from trusting their guts to conquering difficulties.

Way back in 2007, Justin Odisho uploaded his first video on YouTube just for fun. Like other well-known YouTubers, he didn’t have the intention of pursuing these interests as a career until around the time of his college graduation.

As he continuously posts, he sees an opportunity to inspire, teach and share his ideas. This led him to create a new YouTube channel from scratch where he built a catalogue of helpful content where people can learn to use Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and so on. This also made room for him to grow, learn, and sustain his creativity and passion long enough for him to build his confidence and create an online business. By the time he graduated, he was able to venture out videography and YouTube. Now he has over 850,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In creating YouTube videos, he starts with the idea, keeps a running list of good video ideas, and spends a lot of time brainstorming. Once he has the list, he begins setting up his microphone and computer, and starts shooting. He gives a few takes but once he’s done, he proceeds with the editing and post-production. Typically each video is produced the same day. While juggling different projects would be intimidating for many creators, Odisho has the skills to balance any new opportunities thrown his way.

As an influencer, it’s important to keep oneself updated with the ever-changing, ever-updating algorithms of social media. It’s a challenge to stay creative and think of new ways to keep your audience entertained. YouTube videos, podcasting, and live streaming — Justin experimented with these video styles to stay passionate in the midst of a fast-changing industry.

“If you don’t enjoy what you do, you will resent the audience you’ve built around it.” For Odisho, it’s important to stay authentic and to enjoy what he produces on social media. Loving what you do and showing to your audience that you’re passionate keeps him connected and relatable to his audience that builds up a strong community.

One of the advantages of being an influencer is you get to work on your own schedule and projects whenever you want. There’s no time-in, time-out, no pressure, and you can focus on improving your skills without someone bossing you around.

This is the creative freedom that Justin loves. He has the time and opportunity to focus and develop his many other hobbies while documenting them and inspiring his audience. He learns while being a fan of other influencers and applies his learning to his own channel/business. He’s one of the lucky people whose work is remote and digital and able to continue being productive.

But the negative part of creative freedom and the biggest challenge with Odisho is when he reaches a creative burnout, pushing his creative energy beyond the point of recovery because he’s doing different tasks on his own. Hence, he often takes breaks in between shoots and goes for walks around his neighborhood.

Another challenge as an influencer is receiving too much information, feedback and criticism. There will always be naysayers, there will always be haters. When it comes to these scenarios, Odisho advises himself as well as other aspiring influencers, “Take your own advice and put your goals before other people’s opinions. Trust your instincts and pursue your interests.”

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