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Introducing Pixlr Genesis — The World’s Most Eminent Art-based Metaverse

Pixlr — the free cloud-based photo editing and graphic design platform is launching its very own virtual art museum that displays over 10,000 pieces of NFT artwork.

Calling all art aficionados and connoisseurs, we’ve come bearing exciting news!

Pixlr — the world’s best online photo editor is launching its very own decentralized art museum, a safe virtual space that displays over 10,000 pieces of NFT artwork. It’s known as Pixlr Genesis, a name that can rival MoMa, the National Gallery and even the Louvre.

Understanding Metaverses & NFTs

Metaverse — derived from the words meta and universe combined together, essentially means a virtual space existing strictly within digital environments, or in our case, NFTs.

Having taken the world by storm, NFT sales are said to have surged to $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021. Also known as non-fungible tokens, NFTs cover all forms of art, not limited but including; digital art, music, pixel characters and in-game items.

What’s more exciting, is that any artist can turn their artwork into NFTs, without ever having to worry about copyright issues nor plagiarism as each NFT is only entitled to one owner. Not to mention that NFT itself is secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

So how does Pixlr Genesis come into the picture?

Stunning samples of NFT artworks, made by Pixlr E.

With this virtual art museum, Pixlr Genesis serves as a bridge, connecting both art connoisseurs and artists worldwide effortlessly.

Up to 10,000 exclusive passes would be released upon its launch. Each of these NFT passes allows one artwork to be displayed within the metaverse, and over 2,000 NFT passes would be sold annually for the upcoming five years to ensure a never-ending rotation of refreshing, new artworks.

These premium passes also represent your choice in deciding what to display within this museum, how to invest secondary royalty funds and also where to narrow down the focus of the community’s attention to.

What makes Pixlr Genesis like none other?

For starters, its one-of-a-kind NFT pass aims to symbolize the human connection formed in art. Each pass has a cryptographically hashed connection to the next NFT.

With the Pixlr Genesis pass, you can officially become an art patron within the NFT space. Now that the world has gotten more and more divided due to the pandemic, it’s getting harder to travel and admire stunning artworks around the globe.

Hence, what better time than now to rekindle your passion for art and explore the 10,000 art pieces that Pixlr Genesis has to offer? You can even play a critical part to nurture the second Renaissance, which would mark another revival of the arts, perhaps greater than we can anticipate.

What’s more, being a Pixlr Genesis NFT pass holder means you can enjoy exclusive access to new community airdrops for additional collections at the genesis of the crypto art movement. Not to mention owning said pass would also allow you to use Pixlr tools to create NFT-based experiences and community.

How does Pixlr Genesis work?

Samples of NFTs displayed on Pixlr Genesis.


All this new information may seem daunting to you at first, not to worry though — we would build a full suite of ecosystem tools to break the very boundaries that define art and intellectual properties.

As mentioned before, there would be a fully decentralized art gallery for the ages, called Pixlr Gallery, to showcase the vast collections of NFTs owned by the 10,000 members. You can even display your artworks within your own wing, making it all the more personalized.

Additionally, a Pixlr Masterpiece, which would be based on the 10,000 artworks displayed, will be commissioned every six months. There would also be a whole new system created in allowing pass holders worldwide to easily mint NFT artworks within Pixlr Genesis, further empowering them as creators.

Supporting artists & creators from around the world

You’d also be thrilled to know that over 25% of all Pixlr Genesis NFT secondary royalties will be reinvested in gaining new art pieces and building new platforms in hopes to support new and upcoming artists to grow alongside the Pixlr Genesis Collection.

How rare can the artwork be?

Realistic mock-up of Pixlr Genesis Metaverse.


To top everything off, every single Pixlr Genesis piece is guaranteed unique and is manually signed with a secret attribute which boosts up their rarity rate.

The 10,000 slots will be divided into five annual releases, with each release having their own special advantages accruing over time.

Be a part of the Pixlr Community now!

Let us bond on this specially made platform to network with fellow art collectors and creators in a tightly knit community. Do follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server for more details and timely updates.

With Pixlr Genesis, creating, learning and inspiring each other could not have been easier.


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