Introducing Pixlr’s Advanced Plan

Pixlr is offering an Advanced Plan at $3.99 a month (limited time only!) for individuals of all creative levels (professional or beginners alike) that need additional features in their daily photo editing and image designing arsenal. In addition to all of Pixlr’s available basic features, the Advanced plan includes the following:

Full Access to Pixlr X and E

With Pixlr’s Pro phased out, our latest rollout of X and E were built to boost a blend of creativity and convenience packaged in a simple, straightforward plan. In the basic version, users already have a broad range of editing tools ready at their fingertips, but the Advanced plan allows for full access to all the tools and features available. This includes the A.I. cutout tool and future upcoming A.I. features that are in the development pipeline.

Access to Premium Effects

Users get to enjoy a plethora of premium effects such as 3,000 extra overlays, 7,000 extra icons and stickers as well as 5,000 decorative text layouts to design with. Pixlr’s goal is to help users subtract the hassle of creation and add a slice of convenience into daily creative tasks. Save time and extra designing effort with these premium effects and add-ons to decorate your image edits! Simply click on the stickers and overlays to add them to your photos – you’ll get to create and merge creative effects to your liking.

Enjoy Ad-free Creativity

We get that sometimes ads can be distracting while you work, and can take away a large chunk of your creative process. With the Advanced plan, users can enjoy working on photo edits seamlessly without any distractions while making creativity their main focus.

Users can now enjoy seamless photo editing creativity with Pixlr’s Advanced plan, all for an affordable price.

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