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Use The Lasso Tool To Make Freeform Selections In Photos

In the Cutout option on the left sidebar, you’re going to see some choices you can make to keep or remove certain parts of a photo. Simply select the lasso tool and run through the tool options you have in the sidebar.

What the lasso tool really does for you is select a border of whatever shape you wish to draw (freehand) over your image.

Hint Removed

Selecting this tab gives you a guide on what you’ve removed.

Basically, whatever you’ve just removed with the Lasso tool will be visible as a low opacity appearance on your image.

Keep or Remove

Basically for you to add or subtract your lassoed selection from your photo.

You can choose to extract your selection into a new layer – where you’re able to move it around and adjust it however you like.


This basically works in a similar manner to feathering.

There are a few ways you can tweak the sensitivity of how much you select with the lasso tool. One of the ways is to change the Softness of your lasso.

Extract As Layer

Use whatever you’ve just Lassoed as a new layer.

When you click on Extract As Layer, you’ll get a duplicate layer of your original image, just without the parts you have chosen to remove.

Invert Cutout

Get the opposite of your cutout selection instead.

Basically, you’re cutting something out of the picture. If your mode is on Remove and you choose Invert Cutout, then you’ll see only what you’ve chosen with the Lasso tool. If your mode is on Keep, then the area you have selected with the Lasso tool will vanish. In short – it’ll have an opposite effect on your cutout.

Still confused? Watch my quick video below to explore more on using the lasso tool.

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