New Overlay Pack for Essentials & Pro: Skyfell

It’s time for another new content pack for Pixlr Essentials and Pro members. If you’re a member, you already know that we regularly add new packs of premium content to Pixlr apps. This month, we have a set of very cool-looking overlays called Skyfell. What will you find in there?

  • Ultra-cloudy overlays that will give your images a puffed up dreamy look.
  • Spliced-up designs to provide your photos with an extra-dimensional flair.
  • Geometric shapes that treat your photo as if it was being seen through a twisted prism.

These work especially well with landscape images and big skies, but they’ll turn just about any photo into something cool. You’ll find them in Pixlr Desktop and Pixlr mobile apps. Not a member? Sign up for a free Essentials account and get access to Skyfell and all kinds of other neat premium packs.
The Weekly Challenge: #pixlr #skyfell
It seems fitting to devote our regular weekly challenge to this new effects pack. We’re pretty certain you will be able to make some compelling images with this set of overlays, so please join in our challenge by using these new overlays and tagging your images #skyfell on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. We’ll scour the Internet looking for the best images and share them on our social media channels, garnering you Internet fame and lots of love from the community.

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