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Pixlr’s CEO On The Future of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing

When asked about the future of graphic design, our CEO Ola Sevandersson quips that in the current age of A.I. and Machine Learning, designers should take advantage of those tools to leverage on image editing performance. You don’t have to be a professional designer to edit photos or images. Pixlr is a tool that aims to subtract the manual hassle of photo editing with A.I. integrated tools such as selective cutouts.

Original article by Ditsa Karen on Website Planet.

An aspiring designer should ensure repetitive tasks are avoided by leveraging new tools like AI and ML to perform actions like bulk cropping, background removal, auto-adjusting and mockup creation. This will free up time for you to focus on the craft and be creative.

Ola Sevandersson on the future of graphic design in 5 years from now.

More from Pixlr’s CEO:

I think and hope the trend of live filters and superficial images will shift to portray a more authentic and natural style. We are at a point where a photo taken with a smartphone is not a representation of the real world, but an automated machine photoshopped version.

In years to come, we anticipate seeing more seamless designs across different screen sizes and scenarios, communicating with users as they go from a small screen on their wrist, to a medium-sized screen on their phone to the tablet in their car or the desktop in their home. Being able to stay connected with them and provide a flawless experience across all devices will help tools like ours to keep their edge.

On a more general note, I think Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are really changing the game as there is no business that’s going to be left untouched by the advantages they offer. Every simple and repetitive task is going to be done by computers and machines.

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