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Pixlr Phases Out Pro: Introducing The Advanced Plan

With Pixlr’s latest launch of the all new Advanced Plan, we’re stoked to announce that the Pro version will be completely phased out and terminated come March 31st, 2020.

If you are still an existing Pixlr Pro user, we understand your concerns completely – and will be providing you with a 3 month long access to the Advanced plan, completely free. Click the button below to access the Pro version while you still can!

Here, we’re answering some questions from avid Pixlr Pro users.

Why is Pro being phased out?

Pixlr has been through many updates time and time again. Our developers have been making many fixes and decided to phase out Pro in favor of Pixlr E and X (available in the Advanced Plan), where you can definitely do more for less, in a smarter, faster, and easier manner!

What’s Pixlr Advanced?

This is our latest plan that allows you access to our assets library, where you can use decorative text, stickers, overlays and more for all your creative projects. You’ll also be able to use the AI Cutout tool, a premium feature available in both Pixlr E and X! As an Advanced plan subscriber, you won’t have to worry about ads interfering with your creativity while you work.

I’m an existing Pro user. What does that mean for me?

If you already have an existing Pro account, we’re giving you a free 3 month long access to Pixlr Advanced worth $24. Your credit card will not be charged.

What if I want to continue with Pixlr’s Advanced plan after my free 3 month Advanced plan expires?

Just like new Pixlr users, you will have to sign up for the Advanced plan, available here.

How do I get my free 3 month Pixlr Advanced plan?

All Pixlr Pro accounts with existing valid subscriptions will automatically get a free 3 month Pixlr Advanced plan. This free offer is valid from February 26th, 2020 till June 30th, 2020.

Discover Pixlr E and X:

Completely built and coded from scratch, E is Pixlr’s all new Editor, coming in with a refreshed interface and user-friendly tools. An easy-to-use, convenient image editing tool, E is every aspiring creative’s must-have online program. Featuring a sleek new interface coupled with seamless artwork history navigation (between E and X), E is an online-based creative powerhouse for aspiring designers.

Pixlr Phases Out Pro: Introducing The Advanced Plan - PIXLR Blog

A range of editing tools fit for any level of creative edits

While some users just need to resize, crop, or add text to an image, others might require some extra features to get their editing done. As always, design is subjective, and even editing experiences can have learning curves. Pixlr’s editing tools are user-friendly and can produce the desired results for the average user. One of these tools is the Liquify tool available on Pixlr E and X.

Pixlr Phases Out Pro: Introducing The Advanced Plan - PIXLR Blog

Quick fixes and slight nudges in specific directions are features often sought after when it comes to photo editing. That said, the Liquify tool is among the most requested for Pixlr E’s tool set, which supplies a lot of kick to any designer’s arsenal. Curious and want to give it a go? Discover all you need to know about E’s all new Liquify tool here.

AI cutout tools that subtract the manual hassle

In truth, Pixlr aims to reduce the amount of effort put into your image editing work, which is why X and E’s AI powered cutout tool set was developed. And because AI is having a major influence on how photos are being captured and edited, our developers have been hard at work with perfecting more tools to solve your photo manipulation issues.

Pixlr Phases Out Pro: Introducing The Advanced Plan - PIXLR Blog

With AI playing a significant role in our daily lives, these creative AI integrations will help you modify your images with effects from cutouts to crops and auto-exposure. Pixlr’s AI-powered cutout tool helps users to augment and manipulate images quickly and easily. Say goodbye to manual photo editing labor and all the eyerolls and keyboard smashing that comes with it.

Want to experience image editing convenience with Pixlr’s latest tool? Register for an account and try out our Advanced Plan today.

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