Pixlr X Updates

Pixlr X: UI & Feature Updates

We’re excited to announce some great updates for Pixlr X: a smooth revamp of the layout, an update for the colors and icons – all to give X’s interface a much more simple, clearer experience. Here are some of the updates we’ve worked on.

Choose your preferred color!

Pixlr X’s UI is now available in two variants, a dark and light mode for easier viewing during editing. Users should be able to locate the tools they want to use easily now, and the background should be easier on the eye.

Want to flex your drawing muscles?

We’ve added an awesome drawing tool that enables our users to bring out their inner artist. Start fresh with an empty drawing layer – call it your artist canvas! Create a drawing layer right over photos to add some pizzazz to your images. Simply start doodling or sketching your creative ideas and put them into action.

Check out our new filter collection.

We’ve added in fresh filter options for your photos, such as mosaic, bloom, clarity, and glamor. Speaking of filters, the photo effects list has been revamped completely, with our developers bringing in the ones from Express alongside fresher options.

Go wild with design elements!

Introducing the addition of the ‘Element’ feature, with all the overlays, borders, and shapes or icons our Pixlr Express users love, now with plenty of new and improved assets. Let your creativity flow with these designs.

Explore our user dashboard.

We’ve added a new ‘Home’ feature. It’s basically a dashboard which displays a user’s favorite documents, pinned for ease of use. Simply click on your pinned document to access it. Our new ‘Home’ feature also allows users to create a new image from scratch, open an image from Facebook or Google, and search for stock images.

Restoring documents have never been easier.

We’re all about our users experiencing convenience with Pixlr X. Sometimes, life interrupts your designing, and you’ll have to pause creativity for a moment. Not to worry, though – your work is automatically saved in the browser you used to access X. If you need to close the tab and then reopen it later on, you’ll be able to continue where you left off.

Stay tuned for many more of our updates that are still in the pipeline. Our users (that means you!) are our greatest asset. We’re constantly looking to grow and evolve as a brand, so hit that ‘Feedback’ button in Pixlr X’s interface to tell us all about your experience!

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