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Pixlr X’s AI Cutout Tool – Automate Your Image Cutouts!

Fresh out the oven: The latest update from Pixlr’s labs that our developers have been baking have been released! While the AI Cutout is still in beta, it’s still good for testing out if you need any parts of your image to be cut out from their background.

Pixlr X’s newly improved cutout tool will extract the best parts of your photo for you. Using AI to trace out the perfect curves and lines of your selected focal point, X’s Cutout tool saves time and subtracts the hassle of extraction.

Here’s how it works:

All you have to do is upload your image – either by drag and drop, or by loading your image into Pixlr X. I’m using an image from Unsplash for this example.

On the left sidebar, look for the scissors icon and click it to load the side tool menu.

Pixlr X's AI Cutout Tool - Automate Your Image Cutouts! - PIXLR Blog
Select the Scissors icon, and then click on the AI Cutout button.

Click on AI CUTOUT and wait a few seconds while the Cutout tool works its magic on your image.

Pixlr X's AI Cutout Tool - Automate Your Image Cutouts! - PIXLR Blog

BOOM. Love how the red rose looks so perfectly extracted right here!

Pixlr X's AI Cutout Tool - Automate Your Image Cutouts! - PIXLR Blog

And that’s basically how our latest tool release works. Pretty convenient when cutting out selective parts of your images are just a click away. Say bye to the frustrating moments for when you have to manually trace your mouse or stylus to color a masked layer over parts of your photos. Of course, the tool isn’t always 100% accurate, but it sure slices out a huge chunk of time when it comes to masking layers for extraction!

So what happens if there’s some parts the AI Cutout tool clipped away during the extraction process, and you kinda need them back in the picture? All you have to do is click on the Brush icon on the top menu bar to select it, then run your Brush cursor over the parts of the image you want to restore.

Ready to give it a go? Check out X’s AI Cutout tool today. And if you’re looking for a list of X’s latest releases in 2020, check them out here.

Whether you decide to go with our Basic or Advanced version, know that Pixlr is here to help you get creative in a smarter, faster, and easier way by providing you with smooth editing convenience.

Pixlr X's AI Cutout Tool - Automate Your Image Cutouts! PIXLR Blog

Our free version allows you to access the basic features of both Pixlr X and E, with the standard image editing tools and exporting files in the desired formats as stated in the table above. There will be ads, however, because we do need a form of monetary support for our website somehow. But we promise they won’t be too intrusive for your editing experience!

Should you choose the paid version, you’ll have access to our library of digital creative assets and smart editing tools – namely, our AI Cutout tool. There are more features on the way that our developers will be adding on, though, such as Style Transfer – definitely a cool feature to check out. In any case, stay in the loop with our updates page.

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