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Quick Ways To Make Your Beach Sunset Photos Insta-worthy

Everyone loves taking photos of the sunset. Wherever you are, or wherever you may be traveling to – will have a sunset that you will at some point whip your phone out to photograph. I don’t blame you, though! Sunsets only last for about 20 minutes to a half hour or so, and it’s good to get a few great snaps on hand before twilight sets in.

Here, I’m going to show you a couple of ways you can edit your sunset photography with ease – and by that, I mean even while you’re on the go. Simply fire up Pixlr X on your phone browser and upload the photo you wish to make edits to.

For this tutorial, I’m using this gorgeous beach sunset photo shot in the Maldives islands by Michal Bednarek on 123RF. Open your selected beach sunset photo in Pixlr X, and let’s get started.

This image (stunning as it is!) has a very well-lit beach space that makes it possible for editing. Most sunsets have a vibrant skyline and a darker front area before the camera.

The easiest way is to click on “Effects”, check out the one you like (I chose “Tuning” and then “Rosana”) and voila. Complete stunning sunset photo with minimal edits. It’s basically a pink tinted effect with enhanced vignette around the four corners. I tweaked “Rosana’s” slider over to 60 on the bar though. Looking good.

If you’re looking for something much more in-depth and where you can adjust your photo exactly how you want it, that’s where the “Adjust” section comes in. Play around with the color section, especially “Vibrance” and “Temperature” to adjust the color of the beach and the sky.

Let’s say that photo fix doesn’t work out so good visually, depending on your image. Try adjusting the “Light” section instead. Here are my adjustments:

Brightness: 12  | Exposure: -30  | Contrast: 28 |  Black: 28 | Shadows: 68

Say you want a deeper, more purple sunset hue overall. You can adjust the “Toning” now. For “Highlights”, I chose to go with white (#FFFFFF) at 33%. I made some adjustments to the slider at 33%, and chose a dark purple hue (#0400FF) in the “Shadows” section.

And here’s the visual comparison of the original snapshot with the edited one.

There you have it! Perfectly adjusted beach sunset photography without the need to download an editing program, or fork out the cash for one. Do it for the ‘gram! For quick and easy photo edits, explore Pixlr X. I’ll be creating a quick guide for making adjustments to your city sunset photography, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

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