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Pixlr Editor Updates And New Releases

New year, new Pixlr tool. Get ready for an all new, all modern and completely refreshed Pixlr Editor rolling out in 2020. Built from scratch with a revamped interface and updated tool set, Pixlr is ready to launch its latest Editor, geared toward the general masses. Explore our latest updates down below.

A Sleek, New Interface

No more having to click ‘Allow’ for Flash on your browser – say hello to the all-new HTML5 based Pixlr Editor. Go from being non-destructive with the old Editor to a destructive version in the current, new Editor! You can now edit better with layers on the right sidebar. More preferences and settings are also available for the latest Editor.

Edit Seamlessly Across Both Pixlr Editor and Pixlr X

Want to edit your projects in Pixlr Editor, and then jump to Pixlr X to add some custom filters or pre-made stickers and overlays? You totally can with the new and improved Pixlr Editor and X. Just open them in your browser of choice to get started.

Distort and Warp With The Liquify Tool

Previously an exclusive Pixlr X feature, this stunning little tool allows you to warp, distort and completely change the look of your images, just the way you want it. Experiment with custom distorts and warps to give your photos a unique look.

Quick fixes and slight nudges in specific directions are features that are always sought after when it comes to photo editing. That said, the Liquify tool is among the most requested for Pixlr Editor’s tool set, which supplies a lot of kick to any designer’s arsenal. Now that this handy tool has come to Pixlr Editor, expect to create incredible effects with your photos and images.

Still not too sure what you can do with our editor’s newest feature? Check out our guide on what you can do with the Liquify tool, as well as a toolbar explanation to help you decide on which sub-tool to choose while editing. Making edits has never been easier with Pixlr Editor.

Get ready to bring your creativity and ideas to life with Pixlr’s latest releases! Here’s what we’re planning for the upcoming releases – A.I.integrated features in popular tools that will lessen your workflow so you can continue being creative. We’re definitely focused on taking away the manual steps and hard work so you can edit with ease, minus the hassle. These A.I. integrations will help you modify your images with effects from cutouts to crops and auto-exposure. Stay tuned for all of these brand new features in our future updates.

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