Photography Pixlr X Tutorial

Resize Social Media Photos In One Minute

Making things for social media? Here’s a quick guide on how to resize social media photos so that they’ll fit the requirements of your respective social accounts.

Did you know? By default, Pixlr X already has some ready-made sizes that you can simply choose from the new file menu. This serves to save time and effort, where you don’t need to go the extra mile and create your own size constraints. Just click on the Create New tab to explore the existing ready-made sizes.

Take your pick!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the social media post sizes at the ready, but the scale sidebar on the right can definitely help you with that. Key in your desired Width and Height, and opt for background (or not – just leave it as is, then) before you click on Create. Once you’ve created the sizes you need, simply add in your photos or images to make a post.

Alternatively, if you already have pre-made designs, you can choose to resize social media photos that you have on hand. Drop your photos into Pixlr X’s file opener and select Resize on the left sidebar in your design dashboard.

You’re all set! Hit Save to download your resized social media photos.

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