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I tried to open a file or image and got an error #2030 or #2124 message

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Pixlr Editor wasn’t designed to be compatible with PSD files. You will find that some very simple PSD files may open in Pixlr Editor, but more complex PSDs with layer masks or large files probably will not work. In many cases, an error #2030 will indicate that you are trying to open a PSD file that Pixlr cannot open or it may indicate that a .pxd file you are trying to open may be too large for our online editor to parse and read.
Similarly, an error #2124 may indicate that you are attempting to open an image with a file format that Pixlr Editor does not recognize. For example, some proprietary RAW formats (e.g., Nikon’s NEF format) will not work in Pixlr Editor.

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